Canine Ovulation - TARGET Canine Ovulation Test Kit

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Canine Ovulation (TARGET)

TARGET Canine Ovulation Test is a rapid semi-quantitative ELISA test on a membrane for the visual estimation of the progesterone level in plasma or serum of the bitch. Its main use is to determine and monitor the period of ovulation to predict the correct time to mate.

Luteinising Hormone (LH)

Ovulation is triggered by Luteinising Hormone (LH) which peaks two days before ovulation. Progesterone levels then begin to rise at the same time as the LH surge. After ovulation the ovocytes take 2-3 days to ripen making the most fertile period 5-6 days after the initial rise in progesterone.

Determination of the fertile period

Visible signs of heat in the bitch (vulval swelling, end of vaginal discharge or flagging) are subjective and only give an approximate time of ovulation and can vary by more than one week. Vaginal smears are more accurate but require staining correctly, the use of a microscope and some experience in recognising the different types of cell and their significance. TARGET Canine Ovulation Test Kit allows a more accurate test to be run in clinic.

Sample preparation

A centrifuge is essential to prepare the sample from whole blood. Samples must not contain red cells or any significant amount of haemolysis (red colour) or lipaemia (white colour/fat). It is recommended that the bitch is not fed for at least 8 hours before bleeding to avoid these problems.

Only clear Serum or Plasma must be used.

Advantages of TARGET Canine Ovulation Test

  • Increases breeding success and litter sizes

  • Each test performed in one self-contained unit

  • Simple procedure

  • No aliquoting and freezing of reagents necessary

  • Very competitively priced

  • Available direct or from your Wholesaler

Product Information

Detection of: Progesterone level (optimum breeding time)

Sample material: Clear serum or plasma (do not use WHOLE BLOOD)

Storage: Refrigerated at +4°C

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months

Test Principle & Instructions for Use

Progesterone Levels and Cytology Wall Chart

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